I truly cannot thank you enough for your incredible work!!! I had no idea how to articulate what I was envisioning when we first met a few weeks ago, and you created a beautiful site that is totally in line with what I had pictured in my head. I am so thankful for your support as I work to get my practice going - this website will be a huge asset. I will definitely recommend you to any friends/colleagues who need website design services. Thank you again and I wish you all the best!

- Christina K.

Rohesia brought a lot of technical know-how and intuition to the process and began by listening attentively to my goals for the site. She then provided clear guidance about options and pricing and made it so easy to work with her as she was very responsive to my comments and requests. Rohesia provided helpful feedback throughout the process, and brought an artistic and creative sensibility to the website design. I highly recommend hiring Rohesia for your web design projects.

- Peter L.

Thank you so so much, Rohesia for all your amazing work and for going so far and beyond. It's wonderful!

- May A.

Amazing work by Hamiltro! Rohesia redesigned my website, resulting in an amazing performance increase from the old site, and a 100 rating for SEO. Highest recommendation!!

- Scott P.

studiomigoto.com has been redesigned and is more functional than ever! Working with Hamiltro Web Design, a fabulous firm in New York, I have realized my vision for an attractive, easy-to-use and robust website.

I am very excited about the opportunities that this new year holds, and my new website will serve as a wonderful foundation on which I can build.

- Bette B.

Rohesia at hamiltro was very hands-on, very engaged and invested in getting the vision right for SethWJames.com.  The communication was constant, the advice was expert, and the end results speak for themselves.  While anyone can buy a domain and slap together a free WordPress template, it takes a professional to build a site that is lightning-fast, bold, clean, and easy to use.  With hamiltro, that’s just what I got.

- Seth J.

I had such a wonderfully positive experience working with Hamiltro Website Design. They absolutely exceeded my expectations. The process was actually quite painless. Rohesia helped me organize my thoughts and decide upon a theme for my website within the context of a 60-minute consultation session. She was incredibly responsive to my feedback and seemed to have an intuitive sense of what design I wanted (even when I did not have the awareness). I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional website that reflects them authentically.

- Kate L. (on Google)

I love your work. It is looking professional yet whimsical which I think does a lovely job embodying how I want to be portrayed as an artist. Thank you so much :) I love the font and the stars - are they from my collage? So fun!! If not, still so wonderful and special touch you added. Super creative. Thank you. I appreciate all your efforts on my project.

- Aimee H.

It has been a fun journey and I look forward to having “my own website!” Just like you! Thank you.

- Dan R.

This looks terrific! I’m super happy.

- Bill G.

Thanks so much for all your great work. I appreciate how nice it was to work with you, and I'm super happy with how the site turned out. I think I'll stay much more engaged with it because I like it so much and it's so easy to edit.

- John B.

I couldn’t have done it without you. seriously, the pushing and pulling and working so hard was such great exercise, it really helped me to wrap my head around what I’ve already done, what I’m trying to accomplish, what direction to take my photography in down the road. you’ve been invaluable.

anyway, THANK YOU!!! I know I’ve said it before but — you really ARE the best!!! xxx

- Leslie F.

Doing a new website with Rohesia changed everything. I'm a writer and had been teaching and working as a memoir coach for years, but it was time to expand my business. Rohesia listens, then translates what she hears into a functional design. As a creative, I've always been a bit hesitant around marketing, but Rohesia helped me find my ‘marketing voice’ and express it in an authentic way. I regularly get inquiries from people who say, ‘I saw your website and it spoke to me more than the others.’ My business has reached a whole new level of sustainability.

- Connie J. (on LinkedIn)

This is amazing. I love it! Wow - it's better than I could have imagined. Thank you thank you. I'm so inspired by what you have done.

- Jan B.

I just went over the website and I think it looks fantastic! Thanks so much!

- Peter L.

Thanks for all your magnificent work and the vision and conception you had for achieving a more integrated website on my behalf. You hit it it out of the park!! Bravo! The response has been significant and viewers enthusiastic.

- HG

I have to say that I am thrilled with your work and the website- I know BARBARA would love it! Thanks for your vision.

- Florrie B.

This is a very cool site.

- Frank W.

The site looks great!!!

- Tom C.

The site looks good. It appears more sharp visually, which is great (or my imagination), and the larger page headings make a big difference. I also really like this gallery set-up. Simple and clean.

- Hadiza D.

We are all lucky to have Rohesia design our websites, she really knows how to show each of us to the greatest advantage.

- Susanna P. (after a workshop)

Trey and I could not be more thrilled with the result. Thank you! And we also love how it looks on the iPhone… great job! We loved working with you. :)

- Lorna & Trey F.

Thank you so very, very much Rohesia. We did it! :-)

Thank you again for your caring, and your attention to detail, not to mention your prompt responses to my multiple emails! :-)

- Mary S.

Thank you very much Rohesia , I really appreciate it, really really do!

- Alex D.

Thanks again, the site looks great and I look forward to ongoing putting more work and stuff up on it.

- Sue C.

The website looks fabulous. Great to work with. Many thanks for this amazingly well design website!

- - V. Nee

I have been working with Hamiltro Website Design for the last 4-5 years and have only praise: reliable, professional, friendly, reputable and affordable. I highly recommend them.

- Marianna W. (on Google)

Rohesia works individually with you to develop your site, listening to your ideas, and encourages you to think 'outside your box' to invite a larger audience for your work.

- Alice G (on Google)

This is fun! I really like the way it’s going. The home page is great, I especially like the way the info on me rolls over the BM forest... I’ve just tried it on my iPhone! It’s beautiful! The way the text fits the space is even nicer to read than on the big screen! Great job!

[Later:] Some friends were wowed by my website, not having seen it before. Take bows.

- John S.

Rohesia I want to thank you for a job well done, just want to say how pleased I am with the new website. I am very very very happy with the finish product and the process and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

- Celia R. (on Facebook)

I’ve gotten great response to the website. Thank you again for your help, the lovely design and your seemingly endless patience. It’s great to have a new, non place-based infrastructure for my business. Took a lot of work and a lot of time, but well worth it.

- Connie J

I'm so stoked with the website that Rohesia and her team created for my performance work. We were able to create something that was both simple and sensitive to my work's premise, and I didn't expect how happy I would be with the result. Rohesia was concise, sensitive and understanding of my needs through the whole process, especially during difficult periods when she made sure I came back on my feet. Specifically, the simple yet vivid navigation of the website, such as the icons and the layout of the Project Index page, deserves praise as it was the hardest to program. Thankyou Rohesia!! I look forward to working with you again in the future. xxx

- Mark K. (on Facebook)

My experiences with her were excellent and 100% satisfactory during the whole period of building my website. I am highly recommend her service to all people.

- Julian H. (on Google)

Awwww Rohesia, how beautiful to see this! It looks so wonderful. Thank you so much for all your work, help and guidance. It is truly a pleasure to work with you.

- Karin FF

It is for me a pleasant and rewarding time, when we work together to come to the best possible creation. As I have expressed before you create and do not compromise, which is the most important core point of departure! Your approach is with the other side in mind and not with you in mind. Rare to find!!

- Judith S.

My wonderful web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe of Hamiltro Website Design, shares her process of creating the new website for my graphic novel trilogy. Her empathy for and understanding of artists' work creates the best possible design.

- Susanna P (on Facebook)

Throughout this process, I have felt connected with you from a distance, and truly overwhelmed with gratitude that I reached out to you and you agreed to work with me. I had a feeling inside that I wanted translated on a website, but I didn't have any look in mind whatsoever. When we spoke over the phone, it felt absolutely right. So, it feels like an enormous gift to receive your artistry, spirit, and great skill in the work you delivered for me. I never really let go of feelings of gratitude, and I will always be grateful for what you've created for me!

- Tami K.

Absolutely wonderful! I came in with nebulous ideas: non-grid-like, darker, chaotic, and thanks to your patient suggestions and artistic/technical creativity we have a site that does all of that. You should be very proud of your work …

- Chris O.

Frank's new website went live a few weeks ago in preparation for this launch. I spent six months working on it with an amazing web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe. She captured my vision for the site and the branding we wanted to achieve, was tireless in answering my many questions, and enthusiastically shared my attention to detail.

- Cheryl C. (from web-release announcement)

Rohesia, your work is an inspiration! You’re visionary and provocative, and your immense talent for webdesign gives us a loving shout-out to the world.

- Jane M.

I am so incredibly grateful I found you to do my website, I truly am so pleased with all your efforts.

- Robin T.

Rohesia helped me to construct a website for my yoga retreat and wellbeing business. She made the whole process as easy and direct as possible for me. Her communication was clear and detailed. She always took the time to explain how each step in the proces would work. I felt like she listened to what I wanted and that was reflected in the final version of the website. I was really pleased with the overall outcome and would recommend her services.

- Cushla S. (on Facebook)

I know my project has been a challenge but you have succeeded with flying colors. Thanks.

- Mondu

I found Hamiltro Website Design through a google search and knew the moment I saw her work that she was the right person. Rohesia responded promptly to my request and we worked together to get the perfect result. She was always available to answer questions and make changes as necessary. It was a pleasure to work with Rohesia and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing website design, she will not disappoint.

- Billy H. (on Google)

I had a fun and productive time establishing my website with Rohesia. She responded in a very supportive way to my suggestions and included them into her ideas, to extend what is possible away from my limited thinking when it comes to internet possibilities. She has brilliant listening skills, which gave me the feeling that I was a creative participant in our journey together, even though she had all the knowledge. It was her idea to establish a website for me, which as been a wonderful tool to have, that I never regretted establishing. I would warmly recommend her to anyone!

- Ines P. (on Facebook)

I can't tell you how delighted I am with what you've done. I can't imagine many web designers with the chutzpah, not to mention the chops, to take this project on, let alone replicate the quality of this work.

- Roger F.

It's just so special- I get many compliments on it from prospective patients and those are the ones who are always a good fit. So literally, it works as a screening tool. I wasn’t anticipating that consequence but it has served to be really really helpful.

- Laura I.

I just spent the last hour looking at every image and reading every word on your new site. It is so perfectly “you”. I think the designer really understood what you wanted to convey, and I hope you agree with that.

- Marge

You may be interested to hear that we have a website consultant staying with us and he offered to check the website. You passed with flying colours!! Not that I had any doubts you understand but it was just that he offered and how could I resist? He said that he could find nothing that needed changing and it was a well laid out site and easy to find the information.

- Ian B.

Also, my crack programmer/designer team, Rohesia Metcalfe, if you need someone to design/create a site, she's fantastic! She really worked patiently and tirelessly to help me launch this with integrity.

- Joanne K. (from site launch announcement)

The site looks clean and bright, and fun/happy. It feels good.

- Michael K.

Gee, what more could a girl ask for? The website is beautiful!!! Thank you.

- Wendy W.W.

I would like to congratulate you and your team. Well deserved award, for a work which is totally devoted and loyal to art. You create and produce websites which reflect a total respect and commitment to the artistic process.

- Matthias S.

The website is very pleasing and I'm enjoying working with it. Of course, if you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to have people contact me. I know from googling, that this is just one of your hats. You wear it very well.


You do not imagine how good this website is doing for me! It is a pleasure to see how much I did in my life through this very beautiful website you did for me! Thank you! thank you!

- Angela F.

This is stunning! Brilliant colors that move and flow.

- Kerri C.

Rohesia! We're very happy with the website!! I particularly love the 'about' page!! Great use and placement of pictures!!!

- Mary O.

gallery page looks fantastic. i love the way you did the lace and blue blend on the blog page. whatever you are doing looks sooooo fantastic. i am truly appreciative and really happy with it. :)

- Chelsea M.

I want to thank you SO MUCH for building the website. I know it was a small job and I'm very, very grateful that you agreed to do it. The website is a critical part of the marketing of the book and I wanted to get it right with a minimal budget. And what you have done has exceeded even the very high initial expectations that I had after going through the wonderful examples in your portfolio on your website.

- Greg B.


- Sharyn W.

Every comment I've gotten since I began sending it out is 100% positive!

- Jack M.

The decision to work with you was the most wise & best choice I could have ever made. You are a talented and professional web designer. More important for this computer illiterate is the that fact that working with you is such a pleasant experience. You are patient, understanding and never condescending in guiding me through the process. I consider myself fortunate.

- Mary R.

Everyone loves the website and people have already asked me who designed it.

- Anjali S.

The website looks fantastic: a simple elegant approach. I've already had lots of compliments — it has hit the spot.

- April M.

Thanks again for everything, and the speed of your upgrades to the site and responses to my questions. You guys are the best! [David] has an exhibition ongoing in Paris right now, and upcoming exhibitions through the Spring and Summer, and the website is an important tool, indeed.

- Judy H.

It was such a pleasure to work with Rohesia and I thought she did an amazing job with my site -- I've gotten so many compliments on it! She was especially good at listening and taking in info about me and my work, then coming up with a design that I never would have thought of in a million years, was elegant and original, and perfectly captured the 'feeling' of what we wanted to express...I definitely recommend her without reservation.

- Rebecca C (on LinkedIn)

I looked at several artist website designers sites before I chose Rohesia to design my website. The sites she had designed were each unique and simply beautiful, and a reflection of the artwork on them. I love my site! (It is so unique, the worldwide traffic is awesome too...)

- Becki S.

I really like your new website. It is as smooth as a baby's butt.

- Friend of Kevin's

i wake to this response to the site and wanted to share it with you. its from another photographer and if i didnt already know how successful this site is, i know it now.... 'Looking at your photographs makes me feel as if I am seeing, hearing, feeling you. […] your site seems like an appropriate medium to communicate the vastness and the motivation of your work. It really works. It will inspire. Congratulations.'

- Paula A (+friend)

Another present which I feel helped celebrate my birthday is the fact that my site is up and running and that the process of working with you on this project has helped me evolve into a more balanced and integrated person. I needed to identify aspects of myself that I wanted to express via images and words, and that, in turn, helped me clarify what my values and priorities are as an artist and as a teacher at this point in my life. And I am very grateful for that!

- Deborah G.

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the nynyweddingvideo.com site and tell you how great it looks. Again, THANK YOU so much!.

- Michael C.

so you should know...because it is always great to hear good things....... the response from the photographers I have sent my site to...is really great....... they love the design!!!!!!!!! I have sent the site out to many photographer friends...so that they can look of course but also because they will also tell me if something is wrong as well. I have gotten rave reviews from many!!!!!!!!!!!!......'lots of pics but you never get caught anywhere...great design, clean, photo central etc......' So that is terrific and you should know this!!!!!!!!!!! my work is a lot about slow looking and some how the design helps this happen. It has been really interesting to hear people talk about my work via the site, the time they have spent looking...... It confirms to me the notion that if the design is right that there is an intimacy that one can attain on the web.....

- Karen M.

As you see Eric likes our website..... 'Hello Denise I love your web site. Beautiful!...' We have been so thankful for the wonderful website. It has been so useful - for example when people were contacting us about the managers job - we could put them onto the site to see what the place looked like!

- Denise D.

That site [ Karen Marshall's] is incredible! I really like the way it is organized and the overall feel, colors and impact it has. You have quite a gift! We always get compliments on the one you did for Mark as well.

- Carmela B.

I've advertised the site quite widely and it does seem to bring me in queries and work.

- Graeme N.

I just opened Victoria's website - It looks really superb - you have done another wonderful job!

- Denise D.

The website rocks!!! Thank you it really looks great and the search stuff is great too. By the way a gallery saw my site and because of what he called 'presentation' they want to represent me.

- Sue C.

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