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I love your work. It is looking professional yet whimsical which I think does a lovely job embodying how I want to be portrayed as an artist. Thank you so much :) I love the font and the stars - are they from my collage? So fun!! If not, still so wonderful and special touch you added. Super creative. Thank you. I appreciate all your efforts on my project.

- Aimee H.

It has been a fun journey and I look forward to having “my own website!” Just like you! Thank you.

- Dan R.

Thanks so much for all your great work. I appreciate how nice it was to work with you, and I'm super happy with how the site turned out. I think I'll stay much more engaged with it because I like it so much and it's so easy to edit.

- John B.

I couldn’t have done it without you. seriously, the pushing and pulling and working so hard was such great exercise, it really helped me to wrap my head around what I’ve already done, what I’m trying to accomplish, what direction to take my photography in down the road. you’ve been invaluable.

anyway, THANK YOU!!! I know I’ve said it before but — you really ARE the best!!! xxx

- Leslie F.

Doing a new website with Rohesia changed everything. I'm a writer and had been teaching and working as a memoir coach for years, but it was time to expand my business. Rohesia listens, then translates what she hears into a functional design. As a creative, I've always been a bit hesitant around marketing, but Rohesia helped me find my "marketing voice" and express it in an authentic way. I regularly get inquiries from people who say, "I saw your website and it spoke to me more than the others." My business has reached a whole new level of sustainability.

- Connie J. (on LinkedIn)

This is amazing. I love it! Wow - it's better than I could have imagined. Thank you thank you. I'm so inspired by what you have done.

- Jan B.

I just went over the website and I think it looks fantastic! Thanks so much!

- Peter L.

Thanks for all your magnificent work and the vision and conception you had for achieving a more integrated website on my behalf. You hit it it out of the park!! Bravo! The response has been significant and viewers enthusiastic.

- HG

I have to say that I am thrilled with your work and the website- I know BARBARA would love it! Thanks for your vision.

- Florrie B.

This is a very cool site.

- Frank W.

The site looks great!!!

- Tom C.

The site looks good. It appears more sharp visually, which is great (or my imagination), and the larger page headings make a big difference. I also really like this gallery set-up. Simple and clean.

- Hadiza D.