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web design for a tattoo artist :: Alex Davies Tattoo

This client already had a large following on Instagram and Facebook and a steady amount of work. It’s always in an artist’s interests, however, to attract more of the specific type of work s/he likes to do most. In this artist’s case, it is black and grey realism tattoo work and so the main goal for the site was to be findable for black and grey realism tattoo work (in Brisbane Australia).

Because the artist is already posting new tattoos often enough on Instagram, we incorporated the Instagram feed into the site to enable the site to be fresh without needing to do double work. We also created a slideshow where the artist can feature images of good examples of all the kinds of work he does to make sure everything is covered. There’s a bio and some FAQs to give prospective clients a sense of who the artists is and whether they’re likely to want to work with him. And then the pages have been optimized for search engines specifically focusing on black and grey realism tattoo work.

The result is a site that’s going to help this artist’s business grow in the way he most wants.

This site was published in April 2019.
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Thank you very much Rohesia , I really appreciate it, really really do!

—Alex D.

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan