This poet had a previous website which had served him well at first but which had, over time, lost its sense of being alive or “right” for his work. Our challenge was to create a new website which aesthetically reflected the poet’s mindful approach to life and also more simply gives the work out to people (rather than holding it back, pushing for sales).

We set the tone with a homepage that features an abstract painting with hints of Zen over which a quote from a review clearly indicates the poet’s style. A long-scrolling page includes a selection of full-length poems, tucked away in a simple index that opens them on-page for immediate reading. The homepage also displays three of the poet’s books, a news section which might display an upcoming event or a piece of general news/thinking, a sample video, and an introduction to the poet himself. Each of the homepage sections provides a link to view/read more on another page. All the pages are easy-on-the-eyes.

The result is a website that makes it easy for a visitor to find what interests them and it’s also easy for the poet to update the content so that it can stay rich and alive.


website design for the poet John Brehm

Thanks so much for all your great work. I appreciate how nice it was to work with you, and I'm super happy with how the site turned out. I think I'll stay much more engaged with it because I like it so much and it's so easy to edit.

—John B.

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