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About » The Process

1. Preparations for a new website

I’m not really sure what I need. Can you help me?

How much does a custom-designed website cost?

Do you have an artist website template?

Will the price be fixed?

What’s the design process like?

Will my site be optimized for all devices?

Will my site appear in search results?

Can you include social media links?

How will I get the content for my website to you?

When and how do I pay you?

How do I buy a domain name and web hosting?

2. Questions that come up during web development

What size should my images be for the web?

Can you set up a donation page for me?

Can you set up email for me?

How to transfer a domain name?

3. Once the website is launched

My site isn’t appearing in Google. Why not?

How do I update my website?

Can I check how many people are visiting my site?

What just happened to my site? It’s down/messed up!

I forgot my login/password. What do I do?

What happens if I erase everything accidentally?

We'll walk you through each step as it comes along.

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