This artist had made a website using a DIY web builder and was ready for a more professional website that would foreground her best work and help attract commissions.

To accommodate the paring-down of her portfolio to some best pieces while still giving easy access to the range of her work, we designed a homepage that shows three large thumbnails from each portfolio.

The different portfolios have their own pages with more images but this enabled the website to make the most impact as a visitor opens it. It is easy for someone to see whether this is the kind of illustration work that they are looking for and to navigate to the rest of the site to see and learn more.

website design for a children's book illustrator - Aimee Haburjak


I love your work. It is looking professional yet whimsical which I think does a lovely job embodying how I want to be portrayed as an artist. Thank you so much :) I love the font and the stars - are they from my collage? So fun!! If not, still so wonderful and special touch you added. Super creative. Thank you. I appreciate all your efforts on my project.

—Aimee H.

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