This author had published six books and was selling them already on Amazon when he decided he wanted a website to create a professional platform with which to promote them.

The author had the banner image made already so that formed the foundation for the rest of the design. The author only wanted three simple sections, with the books all to be featured on the homepage, a press section with downloadable high-resolution images, and a blog.

The result is a very simple, easy-to-use website—giving the user plenty of material with which to explore the author’s work.

website design for an author - home page

Rohesia at hamiltro was very hands-on, very engaged and invested in getting the vision right for  The communication was constant, the advice was expert, and the end results speak for themselves.  While anyone can buy a domain and slap together a free WordPress template, it takes a professional to build a site that is lightning-fast, bold, clean, and easy to use.  With hamiltro, that’s just what I got.

—Seth J.

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