We designed this website for a clinical psychologist who was about to set up her own practice having been working as part of a group practice. The website needed to be a beacon to grow a clientele suited to the client’s work.

Picking up on colors the client liked, we created abstract visuals hinting at a calm and healing beach vista. We’ve created a long-scrolling homepage to make it easy for visitors to get the sense of whether they’re a good fit here without having to click through all the links and we’ve provided more in-depth information in the single pages.

As with all therapist websites, stories and images need to be created that protect client privacy so we created custom slightly abstract graphics.

Mostly importantly, we’ve set the website up for immediate good search engine optimization so that people looking for these services will find the website and then easily see that they’ve found what they’re looking for.


I had such a wonderfully positive experience working with Hamiltro Website Design. They absolutely exceeded my expectations. The process was actually quite painless. Rohesia helped me organize my thoughts and decide upon a theme for my website within the context of a 60-minute consultation session. She was incredibly responsive to my feedback and seemed to have an intuitive sense of what design I wanted (even when I did not have the awareness). I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional website that reflects them authentically.

—Kate L. (on Google)

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