We designed this website for a poet and writer of short fiction who had many pieces published in magazines, one video recording of a reading and is working on a chapbook which will be published in the near future.

There’s a wistful, enigmatic quality to the author’s writing and we designed the website to support that quality.

A sample poem and a sample piece of short fiction are offered on the homepage so it’s easy to get a taste of the work and a selection of other published pieces are offered in the poems and short fictions sections. The news section is set up to display event notices, videos and general musings.

The result is a website that gives a visitor a simple, easy and pleasurable introduction to the writer’s work.

website design for a writer - homepage

website design for a writer - about page

website design for a writer - poems page

It has been a fun journey and I look forward to having “my own website!” Just like you! Thank you.

—Dan R.

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