This website is a new blog for a client for whom we’ve previously designed a memoir -writing website.  The client wanted a place to write about Covid-19, separately from her business website.

The client is a keen photographer as well as writer and we designed a blog with a meditative photographic banner and then a very simple structure so that posts could be read without distraction.


website design for the blog for a writer - Connie Josefs



Doing a new website with Rohesia changed everything. I'm a writer and had been teaching and working as a memoir coach for years, but it was time to expand my business. Rohesia listens, then translates what she hears into a functional design. As a creative, I've always been a bit hesitant around marketing, but Rohesia helped me find my ‘marketing voice’ and express it in an authentic way. I regularly get inquiries from people who say, ‘I saw your website and it spoke to me more than the others.’ My business has reached a whole new level of sustainability.

—Connie J. (on LinkedIn)

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