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Portfolios » » Harrison Goldberg

We’d designed the previous site for this artist in 2013 and it was time for a revamp as the old site had started as an art-only site and music and design had been added in an ad hoc fashion over time.

We started with a long-scrolling homepage boldly introducing the artist’s various sides (music, art, design) so that you got the sense of the range before you have to start digging down.

From there we’ve made everything easy to find and follow in a unified design that allows the music and the artwork their own full space. Everything is bigger and bolder and easier on the eye and brain.

This site was published in May 2020.
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Thanks for all your magnificent work and the vision and conception you had for achieving a more integrated website on my behalf. You hit it it out of the park!! Bravo! The response has been significant and viewers enthusiastic.


web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan