We can host your website for you. Prices vary depending on whether you have a simple website or a website that incorporates extended private functionality such as art archiving or an intranet but we offer more affordable pricing than regular hosting companies.

We also recommend as a superior hosting company who provide excellent hosting services at very reasonable prices.


All our websites are created in a content management system (CMS) that makes updating easy but we can undertake the ongoing content-updating work for those who don’t wish to do it themselves.


Every website needs to be kept up to date in terms of the hosting environment software, the CMS software, plugins, users and backups (preferably regular backups to the cloud as well as to an external device).

If you are tech-savvy we can guide you through the steps to undertaking this work yourself. If you are not, or don’t have the time, we offer packages to take care of this for you.

Our work will include: full zipped and exported-to-cloud backup of files and database, upgrade of codebase (including PHP, mySQL, WordPress or other CMS platform version and all plugins), check for hacked content, refreshing password security.


Over time, a less than optimally-maintained website loses its ability to get or hold attention and website audits provide the diagnostics to identify where help is needed.

A website audit we do for you will cover any or all the following key areas:

  • Technical SEO Audit
    (crawlability, indexability, URL structure, site speed and performance, broken links, 404 errors, mobile-friendliness, duplicate content, sitemaps, javascript rendering issues, etc)
  • On-Page SEO Audit
    (title tags, meta descriptions, header tag usage, image alt text, internal linking, page-content quality, schema markup)
  • Content Audit
    (evaluate content quality and relevance, identify content gaps and opportunities, analyze engagement, etc)
  • User Experience (UX) Audit
    (navigation, accessibility, CTAs)
  • Backlink Audit
    (analyze quantity and quality of backlinks, identify toxic or spammy backlinks for disavow)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit
    (analyze conversion funnels and drop-off points, review lead capture forms and CTAs, etc)
  • Competitive Analysis
    (compare your website to top competitors, identify gaps in content, backlinks, and rankings, analyze competitor strategies and tactics)
  • Social Media Audit
    (review social media presence and branding, evaluate engagement and audience growth, identify top-performing content types)

Conducting an audit across these areas will provide a comprehensive assessment of your website’s health and performance, allowing you to prioritize and address any issues or opportunities for improvement. Partial audits are also an option if you are aware of a specific area of concern.


One or more live user-testers will explore your website using the personas of your ideal visitors with assigned “intentions”. These sessions reveal issues that are limiting your website’s effectiveness. Video recordings of all sessions are provided.


Not actually a package, as every hack is a bit different, but we can clean your website of hacked files in the unfortunate event that you get hacked. Easiest if you have a recent backup of all your files and database.

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