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We originally designed this site in 2013 and recently rebuilt the site in WordPress to take advantage of the easier client interface and auto-upgrading options.

The challenge with keeping an older design is that the layouts that might have been perfect for computers in their time are less amenable to responsive styling.

We made adaptations so that the site looks like a contemporary design on mobile devices and the site is not only improved for visitors, it works better for the client too.

web design for a jazz singer

web design for a jazz singer - about page

web design for a jazz singer - media page

web design for a jazz singer - gallery page

web design for a jazz singer - contact page

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This site was designed in December 2019.
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The site looks good. It appears more sharp visually, which is great (or my imagination), and the larger page headings make a big difference. I also really like this gallery set-up. Simple and clean.

—Hadiza D.

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan