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Marjorie White Williams was one of those artists who concentrated so much on making work during her lifetime that the work was less well-known than it could have been.

We worked with Marjorie’s sons, Fred and Frank Williams, to create this website in the hopes of attracting curatorial/sales interest.

Within the year since it was published, someone has responded and will be working to preserve and promote the estate.

website design for a sculptor - home page

The website needed to represent the work of the artist’s lifetime but also to highlight the stronger pieces, so we paginated the portfolio pages at 30 works to a page and moved the some of the stronger older works to the first page.


website design for a sculptor - single artwork page


For the reviews and statements section we included both images of the original press pieces as well as texts.

website design for a sculptor - review page


website design for a sculptor - contact page

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This site was designed in February 2020.
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This is a very cool site.

—Frank W.

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