Despite her stature as a pioneering artist, this client had relied on a basic templated website for years and only a portion of her work was represented in the old site.

Designing a new site for the artist posthumously was eye-opening, given the amount of work that had been produced over the span of a fifty-year career plus the number of articles, books and interviews published on her work.

To make it both simple to find any work in the extensive oeuvre as well as to get a strong sense of the artist’s vibrant personality, we designed a site with a visually powerful narrative on the homepage, impactful banner images throughout the site and very simple and straightforward organization of the material thereafter.

The result is a website that serves both as a resource for researchers as well as an inviting introduction for new students and fans.

website design for the filmmaker Barbara Hammer

I have to say that I am thrilled with your work and the website- I know BARBARA would love it! Thanks for your vision.

—Florrie B.

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