Digital marketing at its best is simply effective communication of what it is about your work that your target audience/market would like.

It’s not trying to push it at people who neither want nor need what you offer.

But it does require you to be ready to own the value of what you do and to understand that your website alone isn’t going to reach your target audience without a bit of intelligent and strategic digital marketing support.

Depending on what your niche is and what resources and capabilities you have, we may suggest some combination of:

  • search engine optimization
  • organic social media
  • blogging
  • newsletters
  • paid advertising

The main thing is to make choices that you can sustain and that are most effective for your work.

The environment is competitive and tends to change rapidly but there is always room to find the space for excellent work to do well.

We can undertake the digital marketing work for you or simply provide coaching and strategic advice and get you going.

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