Client Highlights of 2021

2021 still had its share of Covid-related slowdown but we’ve all become somewhat better at accommodating an uncertain future, so let’s salute every highlight from 2021 and…

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website design for a non-profit

Website Design for Effective Climate Change Initiatives

Climate change is high on the agenda! If you’re an organization working to reverse climate change trends, how do you get interested people to find you and engage with you (and/or donate to your work if you’re a non-profit)?

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website design for non-profits - refugee resettlement organizations

Non-Profit Web Design & Pivoting in Crises: Refugee Resettlement Organizations

There are nine non-profit organizations in the USA that work with the State Department to resettle refugees. This past August, as the Afghan evacuation took place with the non-profits receiving very little advance notice of the change in schedule...

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Website Design Client Highlights of 2020

So 2020 is leaving us. Just before it does, I want to give a shout-out to the people who’ve worked with us this year who’ve taken the opportunity to create work, to have websites designed and built, and to keep their...

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what size should my images be for the web?

Best Image Sizes for Your Website or Blog

Every image situation on a website is different but you always want your images to look good and to load quickly. Here we consider different priorities for different situations to help you get the best results for your website.

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Artist biography example - how to write a compelling artist biography

how to write an artist bio or statement

I recently saw a wonderful play called Floydada for which the music was composed by an artist whose bio begins like this: “Composer Seth Bedford likes wandering the West Village in search of coffee and is passionately committed to daydreaming. He is entirely too enthusiastic about Mid-Century Modern design and architecture, 1930’s Weimar Kabarett, 1960’s French Pop, attempting to paint, and pretending to learn new languages. When he is not doing those things, he composes silly music and teaches elementary aged children to do the same.”

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A good video will increase engagement and keep people on your web pages for longer.

video content on your website

There’s a lot of talk about video being the way to engage people on your website and it’s true. Video is a visual medium and we are programmed to “read” our world visually.

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aspiring to a compassionate life

if we emulated nuns

Nicholas Kristof, writing of Jo Piazza’s book If Nuns Ruled the World in today’s New York Times, says he has become a huge fan of nuns because “I see them so often risking their lives around the world, confronting warlords, pimps and thugs, while speaking the local languages fluently. In a selfish world, they epitomize selflessness and compassion.” One of my clients last year was a nun and his article struck a chord with me.

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Georges Braque's painting juxtaposed with Picasso's Ma Jolie

will people copy my work on the web?

I’m often asked by clients how safe it is to put their artwork on the web without a watermark; if there’s a way to prevent people from copying or downloading it. The reality is that once you have put your work on the web it’s there for the taking. One can disable downloads in various ways but screenshots are always available to people and the results of a screenshot of an image are as good as the original image itself.

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