web design for an indie record company :: 10 GeV Records

Web design for an indie record company. The spec was to create a site that was “non-grid-like, darker and chaotic” and the result is a site with rough-edged images and media players tilted in varying degrees, randomly changing low-res background images and a collection of grunge fonts. The off-grid look is optimized in desktop situations with  adjustments made for the limited space of mobile device screens.

This site was published in August 2016.
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Absolutely wonderful! I came in with nebulous ideas: non-grid-like, darker, chaotic, and thanks to your patient suggestions and artistic/technical creativity we have a site that does all of that. You should be very proud of your work …

—Chris O.

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Onur Kocatas, Jack Vijay