We designed this website for a photographer with a long and varied career. Well-established, she had a previous website but it was from the days of small computer screens and no mobile devices and was not suited to presenting her new work to the world.

The client wanted galleries that show every photograph in large size by default (rather than by thumbnail images) so we designed long-scrolling pages that make it easy to view a full portfolio of photographs without clicking.

The result is that you can very easily open any portfolio or project and take your time viewing every image easily.


website design for a photographer - gallery page - Leslie Fratkin

I couldn’t have done it without you. seriously, the pushing and pulling and working so hard was such great exercise, it really helped me to wrap my head around what I’ve already done, what I’m trying to accomplish, what direction to take my photography in down the road. you’ve been invaluable.<br/><br/>anyway, THANK YOU!!! I know I’ve said it before but — you really ARE the best!!! xxx

—Leslie F.

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