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Web Hosting

Every website needs domain registration and web hosting.

Some web-hosting companies are significantly better than others and we recommendation the following three:


Our number one pick for most website needs, Bluehost provide excellent hosting—fast, reliable, a control panel that is as user-friendly as they get and with great tech support—and their price is good. For most shared-hosting needs, their basic plan has everything you need. Try them »


Dreamhost offer advanced options that practically no other hosting company do but their control panel is more suited to programmers than to non-programmers. If you’re up to speed with unix commands and using ssh, this would be our number one recommendation. Less so for the general public who need step-by-step buttons. Try them »


Hostgator is a good hosting company. Their control panel offers fewer options than Bluehost’s but for most people, what they do offer is completely adequate and they have a good reputation. Try them »

File Sharing

Sending a few files as email attachments is fine but when you have a lot of large files to share for an online project, a dedicated cloud-based file sharing service is a far better option.


Dropbox is our preferred file-sharing platform and while we can set you up with a folder in our account, you may wish to set up your own account. Try them »