logos designed by hamiltro website design

Logo Design with your Website Design

If you want a logo designed as well as a website, the logo will need to be designed first as your logo will form an important foundation for the website design.

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How good would it be if all your subscribers read your newsletter every time you sent one and they enjoyed it so much they read it more than once?

Feedback on your newsletter

You look for clues as to whether your newsletter is landing well, engaging people, right? But how many of the clues you look at are unambiguous? FIVE FORMS OF FEEDBACK 1. REPLIESYou get feedback on your newsletter when people “reply” to it and let you know what they think, yes? If that happens to you […]

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Client Highlights of 2021

2021 might have had a bit less of the dramatic trauma of 2020 (in terms of Covid) but it had it’s share of Covid-related slowdown. People who were hanging out for a bounce-back got something different to what they expected—there was some relief, but the term “back-to-normal” got dropped. We saw more of the online […]

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NFTs explained for artists

The NFT Art Market: NFTs explained for Artists

At this point even people who live under rocks are aware, I think, that blockchain technology has disrupted the world of currency—and probably even that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been disrupting sales of art this year. In fact, sales of NFTs have soared to a staggering high. The wow factor started with the sale of […]

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website design for a non-profit

Website Design for Effective Climate Change Initiatives

Climate change is high on the agenda! The United Nations is back in session and New York has also just hosted Climate Change Week. Let’s make the most of this and achieve real change—starting with your websites. If you’re an organization working to reverse climate change trends, how do you get interested people to find […]

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website design for an artist - Anastasia Rurikov-Simes

Long-Scrolling Homepages for Artists?

Why would you design an artist’s website with a long-scrolling homepage? Doesn’t that go against the minimalist “gallery” look? An early trend in website design for artists was to feature one work of art on the homepage and leave it up to the user (visitor) to choose to click a link from the navigation menu […]

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website design for non-profits - refugee resettlement organizations

Non-Profit Web Design & Pivoting in Crises: Refugee Resettlement Organizations

There are nine non-profit organizations in the USA that work with the State Department to resettle refugees. This past August, as the Afghan evacuation took place with the non-profits receiving very little advance notice of the change in schedule, they were all suddenly swamped with the huge number of Afghan evacuees for whom they needed […]

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Website Design Client Highlights of 2020

So 2020 is leaving us. Just before it does, I want to give a shout-out to the people who’ve worked with us this year who’ve taken the opportunity to create work, to have websites designed and built, and to keep their online presence up to date with the good work they are doing. Below are […]

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net neutrality prevents tollgate-jams in the internet

Restore Net Neutrality—or suffer

What do we stand to lose if the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to repeal net neutrality is not overturned by the proposed Congressional Review Act? Why we need a yes vote from the House of Representatives and what you can do.

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A website that complies with GDPR

GDPR. May 25. What does it mean for your website?

Plenty of people are worrying about whether or not their website needs an adjustment to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. Here's what you need to know.

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Merchants are listening to you through your smart speakers

Amazon, Google, Facebook... Are you Listening?

The New York Times reported today that Amazon and Google are applying for patents to be able to legally listen in to random conversations through your home-based and mobile devices. Coming close on the heels of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytics data breach, this rather darkly adds to the growing unease with the sense that we’re all […]

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Facebook killed our business


Facebook has changed its algorithm again. The organic reach of pages is being moved to a little area called "Pages Feed" under "Explore". Plan B for managers of Facebook pages: either use Facebook advertising to continue reaching people's news feeds or treat your page as a different kind of resource.

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