Yes. All new design work is fully responsive so that your site will look good on every device people use to view it.

We can also optimize older sites for mobile devices without having to do a complete re-design. This can usually be done for quite a bit less than the cost of a full re-design. It’s not recommended, as you’re generally better off getting a whole new design—but if you’re still in love with your old site, it can be done.

In this case, we use a combination of responsive design techniques, usually opting to re-dimension or re-style elements on the page in a fluid fashion (such that you can see the changes happening as you reduce your desktop browser’s window size) but sometimes (especially when adapting older sites) re-dimensioning and re-styling elements only when a specific device requires it.

Some of the older sites in our own portfolio have been optimized this way (though our work goes back to 1997 and some of the very old sites are still live on the web and have not been optimized for mobile devices at all).

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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