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Can you include social media links?

Yes. We can add both social sharing links (Facebook “Like”, Share on Google+ or LinkedIn, pin to Pinterest, Tweet this, etc) as well as social follow links to social media accounts that you maintain.

Integration of social media has become an important part of building a presence on the web and will help bring traffic to your site as well as help improve your success in search results. If you’re already an active user of social media for branding, it will help your site’s success to provide two-way links.

It is not a good idea to link to social accounts if you are not actively updating the content on those sites, however. Clicking a link to a Facebook page that received two posts three years ago and nothing since then can be a disappointing experience and doesn’t reflect well on your site. It’s better to have no link than a link that leads to a disappointing experience, so keep that in mind as you plan.

There are good-looking generic social media icons that are available for use that can work for many sites. If you particularly want social icons custom-designed for your site design, please make that clear before the design process begins.