We will build your site in a way that Google and other search engines can easily index the content and they will include it in their search results. You will not immediately appear on the first page of results for every search query for which you’d like to be found (there is competition for all search terms) but we can work with you to gain increasingly better search results over time. Your best bet is to focus on what is most unique about you and what you offer — and to compete hard for that niche. If you think about what you would write in the search field if you were looking for someone just like you and optimize for that, it will help.

Bear in mind that search engines want to match people’s searches with websites with highly relevant content and they rely on websites having text that they can match to the search queries (preferably lots of text — and definitely unique text that you have written yourself, not copied).

If you are planning a media-heavy website, consider including a small description (even a few sentences) about each image or video — or possibly including a blog or news section where you can post related stories.

Over time, if other sites link to yours and if you promote your site through social media — and if your visitors engage well with your website — your results with search engines will get steadily better.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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