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Are you available if I need changes or help with the website after it’s published?

Yes, websites can need additional features over time and we can help you with this as well as with any other kind of technical or digital outreach help you may need.

You can select from the following two options regarding billing for these services:

– we send a minimum invoice of $150 for the work you’ve requested plus (if the requested work comes to less than $150) give your website a bit of a tune-up in terms of site health (to the value of the balance).

– you can pre-pay $500 and we will keep a tally of the cost of work you request over time and bill you for a further $500 when your current pre-pay has run out (with a statement of where your last $500 went).

The advantage of the $150 minimum invoice is that if your work request is small, your site will get a mini site-health-check and some upgrading that can otherwise get neglected (backups, code upgrades, WordPress upgrades, plugin upgrades, search engine optimization health checks; visitation checks, even maybe a few tips for you to get better results). This would be the better option for people who do not pay attention to the site-health aspects of their websites (though you may end up spending more than you would otherwise).

The advantage of the pre-pay option is that it might last you a long time and it will only be spent on exactly what you request. If you want to choose this option, please request an invoice and we’ll get you set up.

Without pre-pay in place, the default is the $150 minimum invoice option.