When we published your website, if you have a contact form embedded, we will have tested it to be sure you get the email.

Because all things internet are continually being tightened up to reduce spam and other malicious activity, filtering technology changes and it can happen that emails that reached their recipients before suddenly start failing to get through.

One thing you need to know in terms of testing your own form is that some email providers (and Gmail is one of these) tend not to deliver emails to the same address as the address of the sender—ie if you as person@gmail.com write to yourself as person.gmail.com you probably won’t receive it. But you’ll still receive emails from other people, especially those in your contacts list. So put some other email address in the “from” email field if you are testing your own form.

In a WordPress site using the popular plugin “ContactForm7” we now recommend also using the plugin “WP Mail SMTP” to ensure that mail gets through (especially for Yahoo users).

You should also use the email address of the site’s main Admin user as the email recipient for your form.

If you have doubts, install the plugin “Flamingo” to collect all the emails coming in through your form in the dashboard itself. This doesn’t function as a method of replying to the emails but it does give you a backup for security. You’ll see all the spam here, mind you, so this is only really helpful for situations where you think you’re not getting form emails.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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