Usually what we do is create a Dropbox folder into which you can upload your content (texts, images, mp3 files, mp4 files and pdfs) and from which we can download it.

If you prefer to use Google Docs, that works too. Please send the invitation for access to

When you only have a little content to send, you can send it as an email attachment.

If you are having a new website designed and already have a large website with a lot of content in it, we can write a script to export the content out of your old website and import it into a new database.

NB: Unless you have made another arrangement, you will find that your contract specifies providing “web-ready content”. What this means is that you provide:

  • images in jpeg, png or gif formats
  • audio files in MP3 format
  • video files in MP4 format (or provide YouTube or Vimeo urls for embedding)
  • PDF files already-made
  • texts in a Word or simple text document (no styling is needed as we will style texts in the code but you are welcome to indicate header, bold and italics styles that you require)

If you provide content that is not web-ready, we can work with it — but unless you have pre-arranged to have this work done for you by us, there will be an additional charge to cover it. Similarly, your contract will not cover editing your texts unless you have specifically requested editorial work.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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