People sometimes think the way to begin finding a website designer is to describe the number of pages they want their website to have and ask what the price would be. If you want to find your solution based on providing that little information, the chances are very high that you’ll end up with a website that won’t serve you well.

The reason we request a full consultation is that people considering our services—not being website designers themselves, don’t know what they don’t know about website design. And that’s why a consultation will help you.

Once we understand what your work is about, who you are trying to reach, and what needs to change for you, then we can help you think of strategies and features that will serve you well and we can also help you see that some features you might have thought you needed are actually not in your best interests.

There’s no need to worry about possibly wasting our time if you end up not choosing to work with us. The fact that we are frequently talking to people about what they need in the way of website design and digital marketing is part of what keeps us thinking creatively. Enough people choose us to design their website to keep us busy—and those who don’t choose us are welcome to whatever insights a consultation might give them.



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