Working with us on a custom design means you get all the expertise of years of designing focused on your website so that every page and every feature is tailored to achieving engagement with your target audience/market.  We do much more than just create a unique and memorable look for your website. We also design a user journey into the structure of the website so that your target audience/market will enjoy engaging with you and your work.

A template-based website builder offers a limited structure and leaves it up to the non-designer you to make minor style adjustments within that structure (color, spacing, etc). They will not give you options for every feature you might think of. They will not give you the design guidance on how to create pages that have the exact right kind and amount of information to guide a user through your site. They will not teach you how to optimize your content for search engines. They will not teach you to think like a designer and they will not stop you from making bad design decisions. 

People who choose ready-made templates and DIY website builders often go through a steep learning curve and then still end up with an under-performing website that visitors can’t be bothered exploring (even if they find it).

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