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The Team

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe - web designer

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe is the founder of hamiltro website design. As creative director, she will be working collaboratively with you on your design concept from start to finish.

The rest of your team will be assigned according to the scope of your project (e-commerce, portfolio site, social media focus, etc). Our team includes experienced programmers, an analytics and SEO expert and content and social media managers.

Working as a small and flexible design studio ensures an efficient and “perfect-fit” team for your project—and enables us to provide work at the quality of larger agencies at a considerably lower price.

Murugan Ganesan, senior programmer since 2017, handles most of our coding work and supervises assistant programmers working with WordPress-based sites. Stephanie Gratzer, senior programmer since 2007, continues to maintain our older sites that were developed in a custom content management system. Other senior programmers with whom we worked this past year include: Chien Le and Parveen Kumar.

Alyssa Witte is our editorial, social media and marketing associate.

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