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The Team

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe - web designer

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe is the founder and creative director of hamiltro website design. She is an artist, a storyteller, and a strategist with serious expertise in search engine optimization. She has been designing standout websites since 1997 and works on the creative edge of design as technologies and new practices and expectations develop.  She will be working with you to achieve compelling and effective design that will create the growth you need.

Rohesia works with a small team of associates who provide additional expertise in advanced programming, content management and social media/digital marketing:

Murugan Ganesan, senior programmer since 2017, handles most of our coding work and supervises other programmers working with WordPress-based sites.

Stephanie Gratzer, senior programmer since 2007, continues to maintain our older sites that were developed in a custom content management system.

Rose Ayala began working with us as a junior web designer in 2019.

Alyssa Witte is an editorial, social media and marketing associate who has worked with us since 2010. She also handles the content uploading process for the larger websites.

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