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The Team

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe - web designer

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe is the principal of hamiltro website design. She is the person you will be talking to and she will design your website collaboratively with you.

The rest of your team will be chosen according to the scope of your project. We work with experienced programmers, analytics and SEO experts and content and social media managers.

Individuals with whom we’ve been working recently include: Jack Vijay, Reshma Patel, Stephanie Gratzer, Onur Kocatas, Munir Kamal and Alyssa Witte.

Our team members also work with other companies. Working as a small and flexible design studio ensures an efficient and “perfect-fit” team for your project—and enables us to provide work at the quality of larger agencies at a fraction of the cost.

Need a small specialized team to work with you?

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