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Every website in this portfolio has been custom-designed for the client's intention and goals. If we design a website for you, it will be designed to achieve the results you are wanting.

website design for a hypnotherapist
website design for a therapist
web design for a psychotherapist
web design for a psychoanalytic therapist
website and logo design for therapists
web design for a therapist
web design for a therapist and psychologist
web design for a therapist
web design for a therapist and coach
web design for a life coaching/therapy service in Finland
web design for a therapist
web design for a child psychologist and therapist
web design for a psychotherapist - who I am page
web design for a motivational coach
web design for a holistic life coach
web design for a therapist, writer and photographer
web design for a buddhist life coach

Website Design for Therapists & coaches

Website design for therapists and psychologists needs to clearly communicate the specific kind of therapy offered, create a sense of “who the therapist is” (whether you will be the right one) and make it easy to make an appointment. All our websites provide a clear, encouraging path to make contact.

If you are a therapist or psychologist looking for a designer for a website, don’t be persuaded that what you most need is for your new site to look like some other practitioner’s website. Unless you differentiate yourself, your potential clients will have no reason to choose to connect with you.

By the time you are looking to have a website designed and developed you will no doubt have a pretty good sense of what kind of clients you are best able to help (and with whom you enjoy working). Yes, you’ll want the usual information to be included (your background, what services you provide, where you are located, a photo of you, scheduling and insurance information) — but be confident enough to identify what it is that is particular about the kind of care and support that you offer and aim to emphasize that in your texts and design. Be authentic; offer details that will establish rapport. If you are truly working with your strengths, you won’t need to try to appeal to everybody.

A good exercise when you are beginning to think about what your site needs to be is to put yourself in the shoes of one of your potential clients trying searching online for a practitioner like you — someone who takes the kind of clients you know you can help. Find out how hard it is to find that first website. Notice how well the site communicates to you that this practitioner is working with people with similar issues or life situations as your clients. Pay attention both to the degree to which you can easily get a sense of the practitioner from their written texts and to the degree to which the visual design supports that therapist or psychologist’s particular niche.

At that point, aim to do at least as well for yourself if not better. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a design idea of your own. That’s where we can help—just as you focus on being a good therapist, we focus on knowing what works for website design. For you, it is more important to be clear in your own mind what your niche is, and who you most want to reach with your website.

Website design for therapists and psychologists is a specialty for us—especially for therapists and psychologists who want a unique website that stands out in some artistic way from those of their peers.

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