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So 2020 is leaving us. Just before it does, I want to give a shout-out to the people who’ve worked with us this year who’ve taken the opportunity to create work, to have websites designed and built, and to keep their online presence up to date with the good work they are doing. Below are a few of those people. May they inspire us all for 2021!

web design for an art gallery in New York
The 55 Mercer Gallery managed to run shows online during lockdown, return to live shows over the summer and has now returned to an online presence.


website design for an artist - Anastasia Rurikov-Simes
Anastasia Rurikov-Simes took time out this year to have a redesign of her old website and in the process we gave it a much more contemporary look.


website design for therapy practice using Zocdoc
Andi Kornfeld’s therapy practice grew considerably this year and she revamped her online practice with a better scheduling tool (Zocdoc) that allows clients to schedule appointments with any of her team.


90-year-old-artist Aribert Munzner starts over
Aribert Munzner is an artist whose Minnesota studio was destroyed by fire in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd. Many of his paintings were destroyed or damaged in the fire. His response was “Because a lot of the work is damaged — most of it — I’m going to start doing something different and I’m now in my 90th year ready to start all over again.”


web design for a filmmaker - Barbara Hammer
Barbara Hammer died in early 2019 and her partner Florrie Burke has been handling her estate and ongoing shows. We worked with Florrie to get a new website up in time for the one-year anniversary of Barbara’s death and a big show of her work in Barcelona. And even in this year of limited exhibition activity, Barbara’s work has been shown and discussed at several events and shows and the website’s been keeping up to date with it all.


website design for plastic-free living
BigLive.world was launched in early 2020 to make it easy for people to find plastic-free products they can buy online.


web design for a book about a young girl's dream
Carla Arneson has created a beautiful book of photographs and inspirational storiesA Young Girl’s Dream—to encourage young girls to hold onto their dreams. We worked with Carla to make a website that gives a good glimpse of the book contents and enable sales (which are happening) directly from the website.


web design for a photographer
Celia Ruiz de Castilla received, among other good news, an invitation to be in a show in Paris (la Fundación Fotógrafas Latinoamericas).


website design for a blog
Connie Josefs was inspired by the need to process some of what’s happened this year and recently started this second website just for blogging.


web design for a yoga retreat
Cushla Sheridan, who runs the Te Hine Ruru retreat, is always quietly active and posting announcements of new activities she is offering. Too many to mention here, but they all involve being calmly open to the healing that is available no matter what is going on.


web design for a therapist and author
Dan Chalykoff has moved from heritage consultant work to being a therapist for people with addictions and he’s also been writing novels. We made this website with him earlier this year. He blogs frequently, so his website is always fresh.


new book of poems for David Francis - poems from Argentina
David Francis is someone else who keeps his website fresh with news. This year, David has been busy with the launch of his Poems from Argentina, which was published at the end of 2019—see more on his website.


Don Lewallen new work 2019
Don Lewallen is someone who spends so much of his time making art in his home-studio, the pandemic has affected him less than many. And this year his website came in handy as an introduction to a curator who became interested in giving him a new show.


website design for an architect - project page - tiny house
Gemma O’Brien is an architectural designer with whom we worked to create a website to showcase her work. She’s not going solo yet but has this support for whatever develops. 


Hadiza Dockeray new music
Hadiza Dockeray has been recording new tracks this year!
Here’s one: https://hadizamusic.bandcamp.com/track/broke-n-2


web design for artist & musician
Harrison Goldberg’s normally busy performing schedule (saxophone) went quiet this year but he took the time to have his website re-done (new, contemporary look) and has been producing paintings and drawings prolifically as well as working on new recordings.


website design for an abstract landscape painter
Jan Byres took up painting a few years back and on discovering people were interested in buying her work, decided to display and sell it online. We made this new website to get that going.


web design for an author
Jane Mushabac is not only constantly busy with writing but has an event coming up that you might be interested in: New York Ladino Day 2021 – January 10, 2021 (on Zoom).


website design for an author with a new book
John Stephenson is an author from Australia and we published his website on the occasion of the publication of his previous novel in 2018. Now that he’s got a new novel out we’ve re-arranged the homepage slightly to promote that.


Julia Roshkow appropriation
Julia Roshkow had the ideal project for a long year of lockdown. Her artworks involve long hours of meticulous work gluing crystals to backings she has pre-designed. We made a website for these that allows highly zoomed-in views (essential) as well as videos that show the way the artworks play with light (must-see).


website design for an artist
Marjori Abramson took some time out to have a website redesign and added a lot of new work.


website design for a sculptor
Marjorie White Williams was one of those artists who concentrated so much on making work during her lifetime that the work was less well-known than it could have been. We worked with Marjorie’s sons, Fred and Frank Williams, to create this website in the hopes of attracting curatorial/sales interest. Within the year since it was published, someone has responded and will be working to preserve and promote the estate.


website design for an environmental blog
Melanie Challenger is a writer who often writes on environmental matters. Her work has expanded to include a blog this year and we’re also in the process of adding a section to her website for a growing body of broadcast work.


web design for a non-profit organization
The Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary managed to move from Buffalo to Minnesota this year. Adjustments to the website were minor (address), but what a year for such a big move! Ironically, the nuns are used to their cloistered life, so the year was the opposite kind of change for them than it was for everyone else (who have been learning to live with lockdowns).


website design for an artist
Myrel Chernick is another artist who has been making the most of the year of restrictions and although you won’t see it on her website yet, she’s been working on completing a novel.


website design for an architect
Norman Scott Johnson, after a career with high-end architectural firms, has launched his own firm to better follow his own blend of art/community/architectural interests. We gave his first site a redesign to better organize and express the variety of his projects.


web design for a law firm health consultant
Peter Lobl, Ph.D, both a psychotherapist and a lawyer, took time this year to launch a new website aimed at providing mental health support services for lawyers and law firms. We also gave his therapist website a redesign in a similar “look”.


website design for a photographer
Priscilla Kanady has been establishing a photography business creating family portraits, but we gave her art photography site a redesign to keep it alive for now.


web design for a musician and actor
Rob W. Miller performs in three bands so his life changed with the pandemic but he’s been busy regardless. We made a bold website that covers his music life as well as his acting life and he’s also been working on a new album (which might be out soon).


painting of Frank Sinatra by Harriet Young
Roger Fink, who handles the artwork of Harriet Young, had thought the artist’s densely detailed paintings would make great jigsaw puzzles before Covid-19 came along and make jigsaws a thing again. There’ll be at least one coming soon so keep your eye on this site for the next time you get the jigsaw urge.


website design for a dancer and choreographer
Russell Dumas is a choreographer with so many years of written, photographic and filmed material amassed that it’s a challenge to get him to sit down and collect some of it for his website. In the process of giving his website a redesign this year, however, we did manage to get him to add some videos and new photos


Sue Carlson Exhibition
Sue Carlson is another artist who has been prolific this year, frequently posting new work on Facebook and Instagram and, on the occasion of a new exhibition in Italy, we added an exhibitions section to her website.


website design for an artist blog
Susanna Plotnick has been blogging about her work this year and also sharing drawings on Facebook.


website design for events page for an author and speaker
Victor Nee is one of the many academics who has adjusted to the pandemic by canceling travel and switching to giving presentations online. The website’s calendar section has been kept active.


students developing an app prototype
Waikato University students in New Zealand worked with us this year on the development of a simple prototype website for a hitch-hiker-style ride-sharing app. This is a project that has been sitting on our back-burner and we enjoyed the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the students as they created a simple working prototype. The students were: Aaron Win, Lysa Phan, Ryan Good and Victor Yao. Lysa Phan has undertaken a continuing internship with us over the next couple of months to develop the app further.


artist homepage with exhibition announcement
Wendy Widell Wolff is one of the lucky ones who had a solo show in February—just before Covid-19 came along—and keeps her website updated with new work and new events.


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