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2021 might have had a bit less of the dramatic trauma of 2020 (in terms of Covid) but it had its share of Covid-related slowdown. People who were hanging out for a bounce-back got something different to what they expected—there was some relief, but the term “back-to-normal” got dropped. We saw more of the online presentations, more of the made-at-home creative videos, and a whole lot of new how-to-transform-this-situation thinking. But the increase in weariness is palpable.

I’m pretty sure, nevertheless, that we’ve all become somewhat better at accommodating an uncertain future, so let’s salute every highlight from 2021 and gear up for new and wonderful things in 2022. Some highlights from 2021 for us included:

Church World Services is one of the organizations which resettles refugees in the United States. We’ve worked with them since 2016, when we developed a database that enables their offices around the country to input community resource information to be matched against refugee-need information. It’s enabled them to make better refugee to community matches and to do so efficiently. When the Afghan evacuation was announced in August, these organizations were overwhelmed with the sudden and unexpected arrival of over 75,000 new refugees. We were able to quickly add fields and tabulations to the database to help handle the new needs.

Websites we designed this year included some redesigns and moves for older clients and also these completely new websites for artists and writers:

website design for an artist - home page with cover video


website design for a writer - home page for a poet


website design for a photographer


website design for an artist


website design for artists


website design for a writer - homepage


website design for an artist


Check them out! There are more coming soon.

We designed this SVG animation for someone who had a website and just wanted an animated background.  Animation that needs to loop continuously without a discernible beginning or end and without becoming annoying has always been something I’ve enjoyed and this was a really fun project.

We ran a number of workshops this year to help people to use their websites and social platforms to more effectively reach new audiences and engage them.

Workshops at the beginning of the year were more wide-ranging and focused on becoming aware of how much untapped potential the digital world offers for outreach and on finding the most appropriate and manageable starting point for each individual.

The most recent series of workshops focused exclusively on using Instagram and on how to build real connectivity with people likely to value your work.

There are more workshops upcoming in 2022—all helping people to better use their websites to advance their careers and outreach in the world. Sign up for the newsletter if you’re not already on the list and would like to hear about them.


Anastasia Rurikov-Simes, whose art website we published last year, made news in Forbes Magazine for her dramatic jewelry:

If the article above inspires you, you can see more of Anastasia’s jewelry here:  https://anastasiasimes.com/


Myrel Chernick and Don Lewallen, who are both Soho-based artists (who update their websites with new artwork frequently), were featured in the online exhibition of Soho artists by cityarts.org

SOHO ARTISTS HISTORY WALK | View sample works of the artists


Jane Mushabac, author of the remarkable novel about a Sephardic Jew, His Hundred Years, A Tale, continues to organize and post events celebrating the Ladino language.  


Victor Nee, Director of the Center for the Study of Economy & Society (CSES) at Cornell University, organized a series of lectures featuring distinguished scholars and public intellectuals, including Francis Fukuyama, Joseph Nye, Jeffrey D. Sachs, and Andrew J. Bacevich, discussing the issues and choices facing the American state in a multipolar global economy and shifting world system.


Leslie Fratkin, for whom we just published a new website this year, had her work featured in a show in Chelsea, New York.


Cartesian Graphics uploaded a new series: “Silhouettes” after Andy Warhol in her “Misappropriations” series. View here.


The Noho M55 Gallery in Chelsea, New York relocated and re-opened after a period of being online-only and has a thriving presence across several digital media platforms.

Alex Davies opened a new Tattoo Studio in Brisbane and keeps his website updated by featuring his Instagram feed.

Hey-Yeun Jang presented two evenings of film, video and slide work in Houston and took the opportunity to update her website and Instagram.

Wendy Widell Wolff was in a show with Clovis Blackwell in San Dimas, California and used both her website and Instagram to publicize the event.

Harrison Goldberg returned to live performance as things opened up and continues to make and upload new artwork to his website as well as post his performances.

Melanie Challenger, writer and researcher on our relationship to the environment, added a podcast to her website, which you can listen to here.

Connie Josefs offered memoir-writing workshops and continues to be one of my all-time favorite newsletter-writers (how often do you remain subscribed to someone’s newsletters for years on end and still find the whole newsletter worth reading?)

To be honest, this is a website we haven’t finished yet but it’ll be ready to publish soon (there’s a temporary site in place now), but it’s such a positive-impact project I want to end the post with this one. Planet Possible Community is a group of young people who have developed an app to help individuals all around the world share ideas and stories of actual steps that can and are being taken to reduce environmental/climate damage. Watch out for this coming soon…

Here’s to you everyone of you out there still busting with creativity and hope! We’ve been blessed to work with so many good people this year and we’re looking forward to what’s to come this year.


    4 responses to “Client Highlights of 2021”

    1. Rohesia, your work is an inspiration! You’re visionary and provocative, and your immense talent for webdesign gives us a loving shout-out to the world.
      I’ve just cast and directed my most recently published short story as a short play. The play is in Ladino—Judeo-Spanish— and its recording is now getting its English subtitles in Spain for its zoom premiere on January 30th accompanied by Fritz Klemperer’s mystical Mandala photographs. Thanks for featuring my work on your remarkable bulletin! Wishing you joy in 2022!

      • Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe says:

        Thank you Jane—I know your work to be extremely interesting too! I especially loved His Hundred Years, A Tale. It’s a rich story.

    2. Your Refugee Resettlement Database is phenomenal! What a relief to see this good work—up-to-the-minute and brilliant.
      Also the Climate Initiative posting will be invaluable.
      Thank you many times over for championing such key campaigns!

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