We had recently designed a site for a specialized branch of this therapist’s work and the client decided to have his other, older website redesigned in something of the same style—though a little simpler.

Key from the outset was the request to create a website that expressed a sense of calm while also reflecting the fact that the therapy practice is in Manhattan; also that the site be optimized for search engines so that the therapist’s ideal clients could find him (couples, people suffering from anxiety, eg, especially in midtown) and that the site provide a clear path to identifying what kind of therapy process they could expect.

This is the result, with a large and calm banner image on the homepage, repeated in a smaller version on the sub-pages.

The site is simple and clear; expressing the level of comfort as well as the inclusion of a sense of the Manhattan location the client desired; introducing the therapist to potential clients and describing the services offered.

The client previously wrote a blog as well as articles in other online journals and in conjunction with this work, the website is optimized for search engines so that the client has a good chance of his ideal clients finding him on searches.


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