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website design for an architect

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This is a website design for an architect who is also an artist, writer, musician and composer—which is quite a range of expertise to clarify in one website. The client wanted his architecture practice to be highlighted but for the multi-disciplinary range of his work to be clear so that he could attract projects to which he is suited.

To create immediate engagement, we designed the homepage (below) to open with a brief but rich statement to be read in conjunction with a quietly changing slideshow of images of past projects. To reinforce what is different about this architect, this is followed by a quiet slideshow of statements expressing the architect’s philosophy.


website design for an architect - N. Scott Johnson - home


The rest of the site is organized in a way that allows a user to easily navigate to projects of interest and other information to build up a picture of the architect’s work.

The Projects page gives a visual of each project and a mini-description of each so that a user can easily choose a project that is likely to interest them before clicking:



The events page is set up to highlight upcoming events if there are any and default to the list of past events when there are no upcoming events:


website design for an architect - N. Scott Johnson - events page

The website we created is quiet and elegant—making it easy to find and connect with this accomplished architect.


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This site was designed in September 2020.
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web design: Rose Ayala
project management: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan