We designed this website for a mature artist whose recent work includes charcoal drawings and intaglio prints made from some of those charcoal drawings.

The artist wanted a minimal site that showed the work (and the joy of the work) with as little clutter or unnecessary text as possible—with an option to convert the site to e-commerce later on.

We created galleries that show nine large thumbnails per page with options to view the images at large and zoomed sizes and the artist has chosen a selection of 24 works to display rather than a huge archive. We have worked with the artist to create a cover video of a few moments of the act of making a charcoal drawing—and although it is unusual to include audio in cover videos, we have given the user the option to turn sound on so the distinctive sound of charcoal being dragged across the paper can be enjoyed.

The result is a website that both gives the user a sense of being present with the artist in the process of creation as well as an opportunity to enjoy the range of drawings the artist creates.

website design for an artist - home page with cover video

website design for an artist - gallery page

website design for an artist - about page

website design for an artist - contact page with cover background image

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