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Once again we’ve had the pleasure of designing and developing websites for people whose work is inspiring—from an economic consultant who spent the year of Covid lockdown learning to fly and wrote a book about it to a scientist who works to help people understand the role of ocean health in climate change—and many artists, therapists and other authors.

Wherever we can, we create sectioned pages that introduce the variety of material in the website and make it easy for users to find their way to what interests them.

You’ll find links to the websites below the images.

The websites above are, in order:
Patrick Chovanec (Economic Advisor, Author)
Peter W. Lobl, PhD (Therapist)
Damn Fine Art (Stained Glass Artist)
Simon J. Joseph, PhD (Scholar of Religion, Author, Filmmaker)
Christina Keenan Counseling (Counselor)
May Adrales (Theatre Director)
Julie Vassilatos (Writer)
Aribert Munzner (Visual Artist)
Angela Freiberger (Visual Artist)
Julia Roshkow (Visual Artist)
Heather Hewett, PhD (Scholar and Writer)
Michelle Ann (Actor and Photographer)
Elisabeth A. Holland, PhD (Ocean Scientist and Educator)

I hope you’ll enjoy them if you check them out. We’re looking forward to making more beautiful and effective websites in 2024!


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Author: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
I design websites and write about things people might like to know about websites and digital marketing.

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