Hamiltro Website Design creates bespoke custom-designed websites tailored to the specific needs of our clients. These range from personal and small business websites to complex membership and event-handling websites with many sections (both public and private). We prioritize timely delivery of excellent work that serves both our clients and the people who will use the websites. Our clients are people with vision and our work at every level is geared to enable them to reach, inspire and engage their target audience.

When hiring, we look for developers who understand and value the creation of lean, efficient code and for designers who understand how to design for both great user experience and serving the client’s goals. In all areas, we look for people who are reliable, trustworthy, resourceful problem-solvers, detail-conscious and who communicate well in a team-based project.

If these requirements are a match for you, we invite you to write to careers@hamwebs.com and include:
– cover letter describing your background and your career aspirations
– full cv, including your skillset
– links to examples of projects on which you have worked
– two references who may be contacted

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