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If you want a logo designed as well as a website, the logo will need to be designed first. You can either work with a specialized logo designer and give us the completed logo before we begin or we can design a logo for you. Either way, your logo will form an important foundation for the website design.

A few examples of websites for which we’ve designed both the logo and the website:

web design for a yoga retreat
web design for a luxury art rental business in New York

website and logo design for a travel business

website and logo design for therapists

website and logo design for a fitness instructor

web and logo design for a memoir-writing coach
web and logo design for a New York non-profit organization

website and logo design for a non-profit

website and logo design for a therapist website

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Author: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
I design websites and write about things people might like to know about websites and digital marketing.

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