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website design for an architect

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When we began designing this website, the architect was anticipating making it a full architect website. She then took a position that meant the expansion to a fully independent practice was on hold so we adapted the site to be more of a simple architect’s project-blog.


website design for an architect - Tirohanga Design

Each project in the homepage (above) is represented by a visual, linking through to a post with multiple images and the option of adding text (example below).

website design for an architect - Tirohanga Design Projects page

A simple about page describes the architect and the site is simple enough to enable the client to update it easily and for it to serve her as a portfolio when she needs one—and it has a simplicity and elegance that will enable it to be easily expanded into a full architect website later.

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This site was designed in August 2020.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan