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You work with people on a very personal level and you need your website to clearly express who you are best suited to helping—and how you work with people.

Your website should ideally be distinctively designed for you—so that people can intuitively know if you’re the right therapist for them. It should also be optimized for search engines so that your ideal clients can find you.

These are our specialties and we invite you to check the testimonials to see some of the comments clients have made about the difference our websites have made for them. Per the examples below, each website we design is calibrated to connect the therapist with their ideal client. They’re designed to express what is different about each therapist.

Dr. Kate Lieberman

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Maya Mind

We designed this website for a social worker/therapist in Australia who was about to launch her own private practice and wanted a website that would stand out and enable online services. Her request was for a site that featured nature.

We used her own photographs of very calm nature scenes as the foundation for the design and also integrated the color from the professional association logo that needed to be prominent for an overall harmonious result.

The website introduces the therapist's approach and services on the homepage and makes it easy for a user to find more information via the navigation.

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Qualife Psychology

For the design for this therapist website, the client asked for something to suggest doing depth work, uncovering things; something with a sense of nature and something playful (even though, as she said, the work is “more like someone struggling up Mount Everest”).

The challenge was to find the balance between a bright, optimistic colorful look with the need to address the fact that therapy is hard work.

And so we tried these doors on a mountain, through which the visitor chooses his/her entry point. The sub-pages are more straightforward but repeat the playful door colors as the visitor hovers over the links.

The result is a site which very much starts with an invitation to take a first step while at the same time affirming the attainability of goals. The site's informational pages are then simple and frictionless, encouraging a visitor to contact the therapist.

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Gotham Psychotherapy

branding | website design | animation | search engine optimization | scheduling platform integration

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