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Website Design for Jewelers

Web design for jewelry, as for fashion, is easiest when the photography of the jewelry pieces has been done by a professional photographer who is experienced in creating a consistent lighting effect, especially when gemstones and precious metals are involved.

If you are looking to have a website designed for jewelry you create, consider making this your first step (and investment), as the chances are high that you will regret any DIY photography later. People expect most jewelry to have a certain gleam and sparkle. Before you book your photo shoot, look at other jewelry websites to be sure you know how you want your pieces to be photographed (on white? multiple views? extreme close-ups? on a model?).

It is absolutely fine to contact us to discuss your project before you have your photography done. It’s even fine to get the website started with photographs you’ve taken yourself to get it to the point where you’re really sure what you need.

We can photoshop your images for you if they’re not perfect but it’s always better to start with good-quality images.

With good images, we can design any kind of jewelry website—classic and elegant or, like the original Elle Schroeder site, a rich, creative adventure.

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