• BACKEND PRIVATE DATABASE FUNCTIONALITY that extends a website into a powerful tool that manages private aspects of your work as well as the public side. Applications include:
    • ARTWORK ARCHIVING (comprehensive—tracking locations, printed materials, narratives, events, high-resolution images, sales, etc, etc). Can be set up for individual artists to make administrative work a breeze as well as to prepare for posterity. Also suited to galleries and museums.
    • INTRANETS for organizations with multiple offices that need to coordinate the updating and usage of information among all offices.
  • ONLINE WORKSHOPS on all aspects of making the most of your website, including:
    • Artist Archiving (introduction to what’s possible)
    • Using AI to Improve Your Digital Outreach
    • WordPress Updating Refresher (and why updating matters)
    • Maintaining Website Health & Security
    • Configuring and Using Google Analytics
    • Exploring SEO in Relation to AI/Search Engine Changes
    • Writing Newsletters that Actually Get Read
  • SITE HEALTH MAINTENANCE PACKAGES—no website should be presumed to be in top shape without regular checkups and maintenance. We offer workshops to help people take care of their websites themselves but we also offer the following services for those who prefer to have the work done for them.
    • BASIC SITE HEALTH CHECKUP: full zipped and exported-to-cloud backup of files and database, upgrade of codebase (including PHP, mySQL, WordPress or other CMS platform version and all plugins), check for hacked content, refreshing password security.
    • FULL WEBSITE AUDIT: check for SEO optimization, check rankings and SERPs for target keywords, check page-speed issues, check UX issues—accessibility, page contrast, text readability, navigational issues, etc. Full report provided.
    • USER TESTING: One or more live user-testers will explore your website using the personas of your ideal visitors with assigned “intentions”. These sessions reveal issues that are limiting your website’s effectiveness. Video recordings of all sessions are provided.
    • HACK CLEAN-UP: Not actually a package, as every hack is a bit different, but we can clean your website of hacked files in the unfortunate event that you get hacked. Easiest if you have a recent backup of all your files and database.

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