We design unique custom websites for artists.
And we help you leverage them.
Please view the variety of contemporary and responsive websites we have designed in our artist website portfolio.

Custom Website Design for Artists

Designing websites for artists has been our specialty since 2001.

We’ve created artist websites of all styles and to suit every kind of art practice.

For you, that may be a zen-like site with a lot of white space, with all style elements discreet and muted. Or, it may be a wildly personal website, expressing your personality and incorporating some of your work in the design itself. We do it all.

All the new sites we design for artists are fully responsive and optimized for search engines and social media. We take a lot of care to ensure that we give your art the best possible presentation with the technology that’s available.

Designing Strategically

We provide coaching to help artists clarify what they need for their art and to integrate a website into a full online strategy.

For a custom-designed artist website, we start by getting to know exactly what your work is about and what you need your website for (it’s not the same for everyone). Our design develops organically from there and will be very specific for you.

What are the Benefits of Custom Design?

If you compare any templated site to a website that has been designed to support a particular artist’s work, you will see a degree of difference that impacts a visitor’s appreciation of the artwork. A well-designed custom website does more than present the work in a one-size-fits-all space; it communicates the spirit of the artist at every level.


My wonderful web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe of Hamiltro Website Design, shares her process of creating the new website for my graphic novel trilogy. Her empathy for and understanding of artists’ work creates the best possible design.

– Susanna P (on Facebook)

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