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How do I buy a domain name and web hosting?

It is quite a good idea to buy your domain registration and web hosting from the same company. That said, some hosting companies are better than others and if you have already purchased your domain registration with a not-so-great-hosting company (you’re welcome to ask us which ones these might be), it is a good idea to either leave the domain registration there and buy a hosting plan at a better company or to transfer the domain registration to the hosting company you want to work with. We can help with this.

Our top recommendation for a hosting company is They are an innovative and independent company with great tech support and they offer more options for super users if you happen to be one.

Our other top recommendation is They offer one free domain name registration with each hosting account, and that is a good option (and you only need the basic hosting package). Their interface is clean and easy and their tech support is usually excellent.

Another hosting company that is very good is

If you are working with us on a custom designed website, you don’t need all the pre-packaged items hosting companies offer. We will build everything you need.