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Can you set up a donation page for me?

Yes. The simplest and least expensive method is to embed a Paypal donate button on your site.

We can do this for you entirely as long as you have a Paypal account and give us a user login (you can set up a special user login with limited access to protect the privacy of your financials).

To create a limited access user login for a programmer:
Go to: My Account >> Profile >> My Settings >> Manage Users (Add additional users to my account) and click “Add User”. You will need to enter a name for the programmer (eg hamiltro) and give them a user ID (eg hamiltro) and a good password — then check “Integration >> “API Activation and Authorization”. That provides just enough access (you can test the login) for a programmer to be able to set up integration of your Paypal account with your website — without having any access to your financials.

Or, you could set up the button(s) yourself and just provide us with the button code.

The steps to setting up a button yourself are:

  • Create a Paypal account if you don’t have one already (associate with an email address and a bank account that belongs to the organization/website)
  • Click the “Merchant Services” tab
  • Click “Create payment buttons for your website” (from here on in you can probably just follow the steps without referring to these instructions; the basics are easy…)
  • Click “Create a button”
  • Choose button type (“Donate”)
  • Enter the name of the organization and create a unique ID for your button (for tracking)
  • Optional: customize the text and appearance of the button if you don’t want to display the default Paypal Donate button
  • Choose currency (USD is default)
  • Select “Donors enter their own contribution amount” or “Donors contribute a fixed amount” (if the latter, enter the amount). NB Giving people a small fixed amount (eg $1.00) increases the likelihood of getting donations. People often refrain from making a small donation when the amount is open, as they don’t want to go on record as making a smaller donation than they think you might like. You can make multiple buttons for multiple amounts if you want to both send a message that a small donation is appreciated without limiting donations to the smallest one you make available.
  • Choose “Use my secure merchant account ID” (preferable) or “Use my primary email address” (more open to spammers). Because you are logged in already, Paypal will generate this information for you.
  • Choose to save your button at Paypal (unless you don’t care for the benefits of this)
  • Choose whether or not to allow customers to add special instructions in a message to you (default is “yes”)
  • Choose whether to require your customer’s shipping address (default is “yes”)
  • Provide the url of a landing page you have prepared to which customers will be taken if the cancel their checkout (an option that allows for one more message to them before you potentially lose their interest)*
  • Provide the url of a page you have prepared to which customers will be taken when they finish checkout (your opportunity to thank them)*
  • There are some advanced variables for Power Users to play with after this — with instructions provided by Paypal.
  • Click “Create a Button”
  • The code in the code window “Website” includes everything needed for securely processing your donations through Paypal via a button on your website. Copy and paste the code and send it to us and we will place it on your page.
  • The “Email” tab provides a link that you can add to emails to request donations directly from an email.
    NB You can go back and edit your button details and/or add/change the urls for landing pages later if you need to. For most changes, the button code will remain the same but it would be prudent to re-copy and paste the provided button code if you make changes to be sure.

Once the donation button is set up on your website, visitors may make donations using their Paypal accounts or credit cards; you will receive the funds in the bank account you have associated with the Paypal account and you will receive (at the email address associated with the Paypal account) a full notice of each donation as soon as they come in.

For more information, visit: Paypal