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This client had an old site that covered her varied work in art, writing and psychotherapy in ways that were no longer serving any purpose well.

With an upcoming memoir to launch that she wanted to make a huge main focus, we redesigned the site around the book, putting it up front and center, while maintaining information about the author’s wider work as context.

The result is a site that is ready for people who have suffered from trauma to find there’s a book coming that will speak to them—and also serves as a great introduction to the writer’s broader work with trauma experiences. The author is active on social media and the site provides easy access to all her ongoing posts.

web design for an author

web design for an author - book page

web design for an author - about page

web design for an author - art and writing page

web design for an author - contact page

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This site was designed in May 2019.
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Thank you so very, very much Rohesia. We did it! :-)

Thank you again for your caring, and your attention to detail, not to mention your prompt responses to my multiple emails! :-)

—Mary S.

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan