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web customization for a jewelery designer :: Anastasia Simes Jewelry

The client had previously created a Squarespace site with a partner which was not only incomplete but was needing to be split into two enterprises. She asked if we could take her content from the first site and create a new Squarespace site for her, to customize the design and complete it for her.

It would have been easier if one could clone a Squarespace site and/or export the content out, but as that is not possible, we created a new site using the same original template, manually downloaded and re-uploaded the content, then re-created the original template customizations.

We also made changes in site structure, layouts and design elements per the client’s requests, set up the e-commerce section, added a newsletter signup and other minor details.

The result is a site which manages to look stunning (chiefly because of the dramatic artistic flair of the client) despite certain limitations of the template—and within a budget considerably lower than that of a custom-built e-commerce site.

This site was published in March 2017.
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project management: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
coding: Reshma Patel