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web design for an artisan jeweler :: Alexander Jewell

This website was designed for an artisan jeweler whose work needed a classy space with options to add alternate views for pieces and short or long descriptions. The dropdown menu for the eight jewelry categories features images to make it easy to navigate by the eye rather than the brain. The homepage features a slideshow that dominates the page on desktop computers while ceding room to the descriptive text on mobile phones where the images are smaller. A blog-like section (“Studio”) gives the jeweler space to post visual stories about events and the process of creating a piece.

This site was published in July 2016.
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Frank's new website went live a few weeks ago in preparation for this launch. I spent six months working on it with an amazing web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe. She captured my vision for the site and the branding we wanted to achieve, was tireless in answering my many questions, and enthusiastically shared my attention to detail.

—Cheryl C. (from web-release announcement)

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Munir Kamal