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website design for a musician

This website was requested for a simple and temporary purpose: to make it easy to demonstrate the level of musical accomplishment of a young student with one link.

A balance needed to be kept to refrain from making this appear to be the website of someone presuming to be a professional musician while nevertheless highlighting her considerable skill and service.

What we did was feature images of the client that clearly show her youth, videos that clearly show her ability, and biographical and community services pages that reflect her character.

The result is an unassuming but supportive introduction to the young student’s work.

web design for a young violinist

web design for a young violinist - biography page

web design for a young violinist - media page with videos

web design for a young violinist - community outreach page

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This site was designed in October 2017.
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web design & build: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe