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web design for a musician and actor :: Rob W. Miller

We designed this website for a multi-talented performer who performs in several bands and who works in film and television as an actor but who has relied on social media for his web presence and needed to move up to having a professional website of his own.

To make a two-career website that works for both paths equally is always a challenge and we addressed this first by introducing both sides in a long-scrolling homepage and secondly by slightly foregrounding the actor-side of the client in the music section and slightly foregrounding the music-side of the client in the acting section. The contact page includes an animated collage of the client that alternately reveals musician and actor. All pages, at the client’s request, feature a water-based background—and this is alluded to by a series of water-related quotations at the bottom of several pages.

The resulting site is easy to find your way through and reflects the client’s warm and fun-loving personality as well as his deeper side. It’s accessible for fans and agents alike.


web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan